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I can’t say enough about this jewelry.

“I can’t say enough about this jewelry. It is attractive and well made. I have several of almost everything they make. And whenever I wear them I get lots of compliments wherever I go, and they really do help with my arthritic pain. I have bought some for gifts and there friends want to know where they got the beautiful jewelry. G & N are prompt and responsive to all your needs and they are here to stay!”  —kellee_aj

G & N are TERRIFIC!!!!!

“I came into contact with G & N Magnetic Hematite a little over a year ago. At that time I was using two canes mostly for a balance issue. I got a 4-way bracelet from them and within 5 days I put my canes away. I then noticed something amazing. My migraines went away (I haven’t had one since), as well as the morning stiffness in my hands. So I decided if they worked this well on me maybe they would help my small older dog. I got her a necklace. She gets around better and another surprise, her whole life she has been a little skittish, but now she’s friendly and happy, she begs for attention. I’m sold on these bracelets. I never take it off except to bathe or do the dishes. Then back on it goes. In fact I now own a necklace and anklet as well as a couple more bracelets as well. G & N are TERRIFIC!!!!!”  —kellee_mk